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Jerry's Artisan Ice Creams
All Jerry's ice creams and ice cream cakes are made with real, fresh cream and milk. We develop our own recipes using real cream, natural and quality ingredients. No preservatives or additives. We hand make gelatos, dairy free and fat free sorbets, frozen yogurts and no sugar added ice creams. We offer limited editions Saskatchewan grown fruits ice creams, gelatos and sorbets when in season.

Sorbets are made with fruit, sugar and water - this makes them fat free and dairy free. Our sorbets are made the true Italian way - creamy and intense. Great as a palate cleanser built into your event menu.

Gelato is Italian style ice cream with twice the flavour, half the butterfat and less air than ice cream. These flavours are rich and creamy and have a more indulgent flavour profile. Makes elegant desserts.

Frozen Yogurt
Our frozen yogurt is made with 2% butterfat. Frozen yogurt is one of our most popular flavours!

No Sugar Added
We use Maltitol as a sugar replacement, and are proud to offer a no sugar added ice cream that is rich, creamy and tastes like the real thing!

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Ice Cream Cakes and Ice Cream available at Saskatoon Co-op grocery stores

To order call (306) 373-6523
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